By The Sea Mineral Cream 50G

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A lotion of all-natural design and style which usually is focused on the advantage of the ocean, watching the hydrating energy and also penetration exclusive to boasted by DHC. Determined by the plentiful mineral factor [Ocean rich drinking water], [Lactobacillus fermented liquid] created from the Akazawa Ocean deep ocean water, which alters the problem of the epidermis, and brightly flat skin [Hamanasu rose extract], ninety two % luxuriously mixed obviously derived substances including [Susabinori Extract] supplying moisture content, [Kelp extract] resulting in skin with firmness. With a fresh feeling, lotion with gloss will cause skin which is delicate moistly. Certainly no smell, color, paraben free organic ingredient mixture. How you can use: Take a suitable volume (pearl grains size) in the hands of yours and give it time to fit the full experience.

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