Skincare Balm For Lip & Nail 5G

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Recommended all purpose balm for uneasy scabs. Prevents drying out as well as helps to keep skin, nails, and lips in good condition. A paste like all purpose oil with hydrating ingredients including Kidachi aloe leaves, squalane, and then jojoba seed oil. Ideal for lip balm and also nail treatment as dried out skin is protected by it and also prevents skin which is rough. As it's so lovely 5g sort, it's not bulky to throw in a bin. Generated by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. As it's directly connected to the skin. We do complete quality inspections under stringent management requirements of pharmaceutical companies. This's a self confident skin collection created and also built within home-based production facilities utilizing the capability as well as know how of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. That is actually giving a lot of synthetic drugs for 130 years. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity and put it on to your fingertips and mouth (nail).

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