Pyuora Bubble Toothpaste 190Ml

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Toothpaste which arrives in bubbles for really serious periodontal difficulty therapy (purifying with neba / protecting against halitosis / gingivitis). Good bubbles stick on the tongue. Sterilize germs on the tongue to stop bad breath. Has isodecyl galactoside remedy, a purifying ingredient which usually purifies as well as purifies microorganisms on the tongue, and that is among the sources of bad breath. Additionally, bactericidal representative cetyl pyridinium chloride mixture which often disinfects the causative bacteria inhibits bad breath or halitosis and gingivitis. Helps prevent periodontal disease (periodontitis and also gingivitis) aided by the therapeutic element dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. How you can use: Place it on the tongue of yours. Brush teeth with toothbrush.

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