Medicinal Hand Soap 250Ml

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Healing hand soap for light rinsing off of children's dermis. Is made up of bactericidal part isopropylmethylphenol. Gets rid of virus from the hands epidermis and helps to keep your skin thoroughly clean. Has 3 organic plant based extracts (rosehip, rosemary, sage) which guard the water of the skin of yours. Novara extract. Right after rinsing, the fragrance of citrus is a fresh feeling which often foliage simply no perfume in the hands. How you can use: Turn the nozzle counterclockwise while tightening up the screw cap solidly for the best. Whenever the pump heads up, press it a few times until the contents come out. Following that, make sure you press gently to discover the correct length. Pack Size - 250ml

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