Korimomunyan Body Stiffness Relief Massager 3 Types

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Korimomunyan Cat shaped Body Massager, by PROIDEA. The bodies of ours are explored each day caused by housework, counter jobs, employing PCs and smartphones and also stiffness places will get enhanced. So as to keep body with no stiffness, you have to relieve rigid portion straight away when you finally think it and dedicate the time of yours with keeping relaxing. This amazing stiffness reduction massager is shaped love very small plush cat toy, as well as you are able to place anywhere you want to like on the work desk, near the PC, in the living room area to ge all set for stiffness reduction. Let us boost stiffness with KORIMOMUNYAN on day basis as well as devote a fantastic day. Item Size - 10.4 x nine x 14.8cm

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