Lucido Medicated Soap 100G

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An extremely foamable formulation which foams fairly quickly and is also a bubbling detergent which could be cleansed cleanly. The fresh coal formulation with higher maintenance power, rinse completely to the cause of the scent. Deodorant ingredient green tea extract possesses a wet odor, middle oily ageing and also odor odor in concert. The sterilizing part (isopropyl methyl phenol) wipes out scent microorganisms as well as prevents the version of odor. Formulated with raise flavonomics. Certainly no smell, absolutely no style, paraben free. The way to use: After soaking the body of yours, clean it very well with a warm water filled sponge or perhaps towel and clean it effectively then rinse effectively. It's helpful to clean the space of the stench for example the neck together with the foot foot rub from the finger You are able to additionally utilize the face area. Pack Size - 100g

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