Clinica Enamel Pearl Toothpaste 130G 2 Types

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Self reliant enamel therapy formulation creating good pearly whites. Stage one Thorough removal of earth: Thorough removal of earth The small and large W scrub totally takes away the stain (colored soil) on the dental surface area and also facial clearance, and the therapeutic compound dextranase enzyme decomposes / gets rid of dentistry plaque itself. Stains and also tooth earth. STEP two Increase the density of enamel: Medicinal fluoride (fluorine) encourages uptake (remineralization) of calcium and also the like into enamel, boosts enamel density, as well as helps prevent mushroom teeth. Boost one's teeth density. The dental brilliance and gloss of the glossy tooth density. Measure three Keep the sweetness of the teeth of yours: Maintaining the splendor of your teeth. 2 flavors to pick out from: You are able to select from 2 flavors, White Floral Mint / Fresh Citrus Mint with a feeling of sanitation as per the personal preference of yours and even rejuvenating Fresh Citrus Mint.

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