Light Sesame Formula Body Oil

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Pamper the skin of yours with Neutrogena Body Oil (available in Fragrance-Free and original), an actual moisturizing knowledge. This little body oil is established with a delicate sesame strategy which vanishes into your skin giving hydration which is crucial for skin which is dried out. While the skin of yours still is damp after a hot shower or perhaps bath, easy on a few drops of body oil. In the water, contribute to rain to soften the skin of yours as you take a bath. This kind of hydrating body oil absorbs rapidly and leaves skin feeling very soft & soft. The best way to Use AFTER SHOWER or perhaps BATH: While skin remains wet, smooth on several drops to help seal in moisture. Try to let your body dry naturally, or simply just pat dry with a soft towel. IN THE BATH: Add to clean water and soften the skin of yours as you take a bath.

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