Esprique Gel Pencil Eyeliner Refill 2 Types

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Eye liner of the clothes sort which can get properly between eyelashes. With a center of average softness, it's tabs liner which can smoothly draw lines without getting on the eyelids. It's powerful from sweat, water, rubbing and tears, and the lovely color line stays until the evening. Certainly no smell. Normal water proof, scrubbing proof substance formulation (trimethylsiloxysilicic acid). Eye hydrating substance formulation (squalane). Core sort could be recovered. How you can use: Take out the cap, take out one, two mm and bring it to ensure it works in between the eyelashes. You'll find instances when it pulls out an excessive amount of, or perhaps it may well break whether an effective force or shock is used. When dropping it, advise utilizing point make up remover. Pack Size - 0.1g

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