Shampoo Moist 600Ml

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Put SHAMPOO wet works on the colored hair to take soft and moisturizing finish. The negative ions of the surfactant founded on amino acid and also the good ions of the hair style safeguarding factor are ionically bonded by responding one another throughout washing, so that as a consequence, a hydrophobic shield film is established on the hair top. This protect movie keeps the outflow of dye as well as enhances texture and gloss. Additionally, made up of Repair Moisture Ingredients* fills the gap of every cuticle plus suppresses the out flow of locks pieces, as well as increases the power and also moisture retention operate while delivering color fixing and texture which is silky and gloss. Repair Moisture Ingredients: Hydrolyzed seaweed (moisturizer), Poly lysine (humectant), Polyquaternium 51 (moisturizer), Cholesteryl oleate (fatliquoring agent), Squalane Furthermore, five Botanical Oils* as well as eight Botanical Essences** are mixed. Those vegetable extracts moisturizes the hair scalp and also hair. The fragrance of Botanical Fresh Herbs. Top Notes: Orange, Bergamot, Lavender, Ylang ylang, Leafy green Mittle Notes: Lavender, Geranium Last Notes: Lavender, Woody This Shampoo is a wet kind with hydrating and delicate finish. The shampoo specializes in the laundering impression that's the component for discoloration of hair color, thus the shampoo is concerned the harm of the hair while protecting against outflow of dye. It washes as much as the managed hair with no stickiness and also heaviness.

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