Super Washing Foam Ex 90G

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Hydrating ingredients encapsulated in a nanocapsule.A facial, a botanical cleaning ingredient's creamy lather's flexible consistency to remove other impurities, pollutants, dirt, or debris completely but gently.A mild face wash containing micro rich bubbles.No fragrance, absolutely no color, absolutely no mineral oils as well as paraben free.Formulated with three main hydrating ingredients (Marine derived Collagen, Hyaluronan, as well as Ceramide) encapsulated in a nanocapsule.Formulated with five types of supplements (H, P, E, C and b6) to state as well as help ensure that the cleansed epidermis healthy.How to Use:Take a suitable volume on the palm of the hands, as well as generate- Positive Many Meanings - cream lather with water as well as lukewarm water.Gently knead the face area with whipped foam and rinse thoroughly.Pack Size - 90g

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